Reed City girls learn the ropes at local sportsman club shoots

REED CITY — Brooke Oatman and Emily Yarrington got their feet wet over the weekend at  the Reed City Sportmans Club in the Great Northern Skeet Shootout. But both seemed to pass the test with flying colors.

Both are 2012 Reed City High graduates and made their debuts as scorer and puller at the club last weekend. Yarrington from Chase, worked for the club as a puller for the flying targets when it came to the shooting contests.

“At first, I felt pressure, “she said. “This is my first time. They trained me. I had to realize you only have one option.”

Yarrington estimates she pulled 700 targets during a morning session.

Compared to keeping score, Yarrington figures the more challenging position was pulling targets.

“First time, was rough, second time got better and third time I (was all set),” she said. “You have to be ready, focused and quick. Once I get it, it will be nothing.”

It’s the first of many times Yarrington anticipates she’ll be pulling.

Oatman walks with Yarrington and puts the scores down on her clipboard during the shooting competition. She keeps track of how many targets the shooter hits.

“It went good,” she said of her debut. “You really have to pay attention to each person and if they have an option or not. You can think someone hit one and not realize they didn’t, or mistakenly put their option down.”

Both figure they’ll be doing their roles for awhile.