Reed City girls fifth at Chippewa Hills

REED CITY — Reed City’s girls were fifth in the Red Division Saturday at the Chippewa Hills Invitational.

McKenzie Cornelius was 44th for Reed City in 23:44.48, Lindsey Greer 48th in 23;49.62, Joelyn Gamble-Brown 49th in 23:53.53, Lindsey Kienitz 86th in 25:51.04 and Emily Nardone 99th in 27:02.34.

For the boys, Drake Walker was 39th for Reed City in 19:16.44, Kris Kellogg 41st in 19:19.34, Matt McGahey 49th in 19:30.28 and Zack Borst 100th in 23:02.94.

Cornelius was out for six weeks with a stress fracture in her foot. She came back last week.

“As soon as came back, I ran a meet,” she said.

Her first meet was in the CSAA jamboree at Holton the previous Tuesday.

“I felt OK, but after not running for six weeks my muscles felt awful,” she said. “(Saturday), I felt better.”

She said the stress fracture might have occurred from running.

“It happened two days before my first meet when my foot started hurting,” Cornelius said. “Then four meets, then after that, I went to the doctor and had an X ray and bone scan.”

At Chippewa Hills “usually the cooler weather isn’t good for your muscles and it tightens everything up,” Cornelius said. “Once you get going into the race, it’s not as bad.”

Regionals are this Saturday.”I hope to PR,” she said. “I have to keep pushing.”

Cornelius is a sophomore who also plays softball in the spring. She’s not sure yet if she’ll be running track.

“I felt all right. I’m not sure if PRed or not,” Greer said. “My PR so far is a 24:40. Today I was close to that.”

Conditions”were cold but good weather for running.” Greer indicated.

Monday, Reed City ran at Central Montcalm.

Greer was 14th in 24:25, while Cornelius was 18th in 24;47, Joelynn Gamble-Brown 19th in 24:56, Lindsey Kienitz 28th in 26:19, Emily Nardone 29th in 26:22 and Shawna Riley 50th in 31:52. At regionals, her goal is to “hopefully get another personal record, like in the 22s,” Greer said.

Drake Walker was seventh in 19:15.1, Kris Kellogg 10th in 19:22, Matt McGahey 13th in 19:24, Zach Borst 52nd in 23:38, and Jim Bywater 53rd in 23:40.

“The kids were a little tired from running Saturday,” Reed City coach Brad Smith said Monday night. “They had a quick turnaround.”

The final CSAA meet was on Oct. 15 at Holton. Reed City was sixth for the girls and ninth for the boys.

Kris Kellogg was 27th in 19:04.72, Matt McGahey 30th in 19:13.82 and Drake Walker 34th in 19:22.89.3. Jimmy Bywater was 64th in 22:29.05 and Zack Borst 71st in 24:06.51.

For the girls, Greer was 28th in 23:40.27, Cornelius 34th in 24:21, Gamble-Brown 38th in 24:41.5, Kienitz 54th in 26:10.92, Nardone 56th in 26:16.67 and Riley 71st in 30:12.12.