Reed City freshman working at getting the job done as setter


REED CITY —  Jordyn Storch made the challenging move to the varsity as a freshman volleyball player for Reed City this season and is hoping to help the Coyotes finish strong in the final weeks.

Storch has been the backup setter this season. Storch was told during preseason she was being moved up to the varsity.

“I was hoping I could get on varsity,” she said. “I thought I had a shot.”

Storch had played volleyball in her seventh- and eighth-grade seasons and got to work on her game over the summer in open gyms. She was confident she could fit into the varsity lineup.

But Storch admitted recently that the transition to varsity has been challenging.

“I’m still transitioning to it,” she said, adding that her strength is “I can get the ball high for the hitter and where they want it.”

Storch also has been helping the Coyotes at serving.

“I’ve been pretty good,” she said. “If coach calls out a position to serve it to, I’m good at that.”

Storch has been able to put enough movement on the ball to make it difficult for the opponent to handle.

Liza Emington, a junior, has been the starting setter.

“We work well together,” Storch said. “We are (identical) when it comes to setting. I do tend to get the ball higher.”

Being able to react by instinct to a certain situation is critical, Storch pointed out.

Reed City is at the Chippewa Hills district this week.

“I feel we’re doing a lot better than the first half of the season,” Storch said, adding that a team goal remains to keep playing better as the season progresses, and the key is “have a good positive attitude toward everyone.”