Reed City football teams begin blocking camps

REED CITY — It might be the heart of summer, but a reminder that football season isn’t that far away was very evident at Reed City Monday night.

Head coach Monty Price and his staff began the first of a series of blocking camps at the practice field.

The blocking camps, on Monday and Wednesday, are in the evening for about 90 minutes. Approximately 70 were in attendance Monday

“We will ask varsity quarterbacks and people that want to catch the ball to stay after a little longer and work on a few things for maybe 15 to 20 minutes,” Price told the players prior to the first practice. “What we do here is break up into linemen. If you’re a tight end, tackle, guard or center, or if that’s something you want to be, you’ll do offensive blocking stuff.

“If you want to be a quarterback, wide receiver, running back fullback, two-or three get to pick where you want to go. Please be advised we may look at you and say we may think you’d be better off at the other ones and you make a decision.”

Price asked the players to “work very hard and be coachable. For all of you newcomers, it’s going to be different. I can probably promise you that you probably haven’t been taught as specific as we’re going to teach you in terms of blocking and such. It may be very awkward, it may be very different but you need to work very hard at it because you will pick it up. Obviously at varsity, we expect you to pick up where you were last year and get after it and go hard every rep.”

Reed City is also scheduled to be at various 7-on-7 passing camps during this month and will have a home skills camp July 28-31. Practices officially start Aug. 11. The season opens Aug. 28 at home against Baldwin.