REED CITY — It’s been a tradition with Reed City football and continues to be an important part of summer workout sessions.

On Sunday evenings, the Coyotes continue the Gladiator camps at the practice field.

Reed City has been doing the Gladiator workouts every Sunday during the summer except dead period during the Fourth of July week.

“We started the first Sunday after school June 7, and run it until Aug. 7, when camp starts,” Reed City coach Monty Price said. “We drag tires, we flip tires, we do some hurdle exercises for flexibility, hip flexibility. We do speed ladders, just a different way of strength training. It’s unconventional outside of the weight room. It’s a change up for the kids. It still serves the purpose of getting the kids strong.”

The big tires the coaches use for the players are close to 300 pounds each.

“We’ve been getting 40 to 50 kids,” Price said.

The blocking camps, which go each week, Monday and Wednesday, started last week.

“It’s open to anybody and everybody,” Price said. “It’s for fundamentals, stances, starts, takeoffs, all that kind of stuff. It’s just football fundamentals.”

Next week, the Coyotes will be having their skills camp. It’s for players in all high school ages.

“We install our offense and defense and have position specific drills and skills they’re going to need to be successful on (game) nights,” Price said.

The weight room is open every night.

“We like our numbers,” Price said. “We had a lot of kids committed and working hard. We’re trying to get kids motivated to invest in the offseason and make that commitment, So far, so good.”