REED CITY – Wyatte Baker and Caleb Lohrmann have made their debut on the varsity level this season for Reed City boys soccer and are looking to help the Coyotes increase their win total.

Baker is a junior fullback in his first varsity season. He was mostly on JVs last year.

“It’s a lot faster coming up to varsity but I think I’m making it well,” he said. “It takes a few games. But it’s much faster paced.”

His role as a fullback “is to stop the ball and keep the pressure on the outside,” Baker said. “I keep it from crossing into the middle.

“I feel like I’m playing good but not as good as I could do. I need to get it to the outside mids instead of kicking it out,” he said. “We kind of blasted the ball up and didn’t really work at our passes (against Newaygo). We need to play as a team and make smart passes.”

Lohrmann is a sophomore in his first varsity soccer season. He had previously played on the JV team.

“You have to pay attention to where everyone is,” he said. “Obviously the shots are a lot harder (than on the varsity level). You have to position yourself a lot better.”

Lohrmann has played in full games and half-games in giving Ben Schermerhorn a chance to play on the field.

“I want to improve on my position,” he said. “I need to ball handle a little better.”

Lohrmann enjoys the challenge of playing goalkeeper.

“It’s a lot different, you have different rules to follow,” said Lohrmann who plays stopper when he’s not a keeper. “If you’re running a diamond, I’m the first guy in front. I’m there to clear the ball, make passes. I think I’m playing that pretty well. There’s still some things to improved on.”

Keeper is his favorite position although Lohrmann doesn’t mind playing the keeper spot.

“We’re playing OK. (Newaygo) wasn’t one of our better games,” he said. “We need to work more as a team. If we get that done, we can definitely win.”