Reed City deer hunter reflects on 12-point trophy

REED CITY — Doug Franklin won’t forget the 2013 deer hunting season for a long time.

Franklin bagged a 12-point buck on opening day on his own property in the Reed City area, west of the freeway.

The 12-pointer had a 15-inch rack span. It’s the biggest one he’s shot. The previous one was a 9-pointer with a bow. This time, he used a .308.

“It was the only deer I saw all day,” he said. “I’ve been in my blind for 15 minutes. I was expecting him from the west. I looked to the north and he was walking across in front of me, all by himself.”

The buck was 75 to 100 yards away. Franklin noticed the rack right way.

“I had never seen the deer,” he said. “It didn’t hit me (how big it was) until after I saw him. He went about 50 yards out of my sight.”

Franklin was easily able to find he deer.

He didn’t hunt after that but his friend, John Maans, got a 5-pointer toward Hersey on his property.

“Neither one of us has hunted on opening day before,” Franklin said. “We had always gone away to hunt.”

Franklin said another 12-pointer was taken during bow season two miles west of him.

He’s 61 now and has been hunting 47 years. He was born on Nov. 15. But what happened on Nov. 15, 2013 was the biggest hunting thrill he’s had.