Reed City cross country runner posting strong season so far

REED CITY — Lindsey Greer has been having fun on the Reed City cross country team so far this season. Greer is a junior in her first cross country season.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” she said. “My mom was a runner. I wanted to get in shape for my other sports.”

Greer also plays softball and basketball. This is the first time she is doing a fall sport. Greer decided to run cross country during the summer. She did some running on her own. When Reed City started its cross country season, Greer was ready to go.Recently at Evart, she was third in 26:23.“I did decent,” she said. “It wasn’t my fastest time.”

Reed City doesn’t officially have a home course and Greer acknowledged that she’s usually run a different course every meet.

“It depends, some are hilly, some are flat, plus you run different weather situations,” Greer said. “You just have to adjust. We always walk the course before so we get an idea of what it’s going to be like.”

Her best time so far has been 23:42 at Pine River. Greer said she wasn’t running fast at first.

“I didn’t know how fast I could run,” she said.

Greer has been No. 1 while McKenzie Cornelius has been nursing a foot injury. The finish is the strongest part of her race, Greer said. “I need to use more of my energy in the middle instead of saving it for the end,” she said.

Before the season ends, Greer hopes to keep cutting her times and maybe get into the 23s. But it’s definitely helping her stay in shape for the other sports.

“I wish I would have, for sure,” Greer said when asked if she wishes she would have run the sport in earlier seasons. “I like it. Everybody’s together and everybody cheers everyone on. It’s a lot different than other sports. I like that. It’s different people from other sports.”