Reed City coach reflects back on boys basketball season

REED CITY — Reed City’s boys basketball team would prefer to be playing in the state finals this week.

But despite losing in the Class B district semifinals to Big Rapids, the Coyotes can still reflect on an impressive season, which ended at 16-5.

“We shouldn’t have lost,” said senior Josh Saez. “A couple of mistakes we made and we ended up losing the game. That’s how basketball is. Overall, we had a great season.”

Late in the season at Hesperia, the Coyotes had been playing well but struggled to slip past Hesperia. They lost to Big Rapids and Fremont the final week of the regular season.

“There’s always a target on our back no matter what,” Saez said.

The Big Rapids losses could have gone either way, including in the district semifinals when the Coyotes couldn’t protect a fourth-quarter lead.

Saez is among the senior starters the Coyotes had on the all-CSAA team who are seniors.

“Obviously, all four of those gentlemen as well as our other three seniors are going to be missed next year,” said Reed City coach Dean McGuire. “Our losses, there was one game at Lakeview, it didn’t matter what we did that night. The other losses could have gone either way. The district game against Big Rapids, we had an 11-point lead, and turnovers at the end hurt us.”

Other seniors were Derek Lodholtz, a starter, plus Eric Grannis and P.J. Jones

“I’m proud of my guys,” McGuire said. “I’m proud of the group, I’m proud of the season they had. We had a lot of fun this year. It was a lot of fun to be in the gym.”

Next season could also be promising.

“Nolan Patterson had to sit out the entire year, due to foot injury,” McGuire said. “‘We’re excited about Nolan and we could have used him this year. Chris Barton  is a big guy coming back for us in the middle. We have T.J. Patterson, another big guy in the middle. We have Taylor Pelton, who we brought up 15 games into the season, a nice strong kid who will be a nice player for us. Patrick Jobes got significant minutes this year.

“Our JV team had a pretty successful season. We’re excited. You’re never excited to lose the caliber of seniors we’re losing. We’ll definitely have to work hard.”