Reed City coach looking forward to having more seniors

Don Patterson



REED CITY – Reed City veteran volleyball coach Don Patterson has a lot of volleyball players on his team, and said on Thursday he’s ready to go after having conducted a summer of open gyms.

Volleyball practices officially open on Aug. 9. This week is another dead period.

“We went most of July,” Patterson said. “We went mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays much of July. We did the Ferris team camp (July 20-21). We have good numbers, both varsity and JV.

The JVs have a lot of numbers.

“We’re going to be as experienced as we’ve been in quite awhile. We have four or five seniors on our team. We didn’t have any seniors on our team last year, as an example.”

Circumstances are far more favorable than a year ago when teams weren’t allow to be inside during the preseason.

“It’s much easier to get things done,” Patterson said. “The kids are excited. We’re excited.”

In previous seasons, Patterson and his staff would focus on a certain speciality each camp such as hitting, ball control and setting.

“We incorporated some of that into our summer stuff this year,” Patterson said. “We mixed everybody up. Every day we practiced on something a little different. We’ll have tryouts (next week) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we’ll assign teams. The next week, we’ll have CUJO camp with extended practices for a period of four days.”

The season opens on Aug. 20 at Ludington.

Patterson indicated he could have as many as 15 players on a single team.

“Much more than that, it becomes too cumbersome,” he said.