Reed City coach finds special enjoyment with trap shooting

READY, AIM: Todd Dew takes aim at a target at the Reed City Sportsman Club. (Herald Review photo/John Raffel)
READY, AIM: Todd Dew takes aim at a target at the Reed City Sportsman Club. (Herald Review photo/John Raffel)

REED CITY -- Todd Dew has been a coach and is still a teacher. But he also likes the fact that he’s a very capable trap shooter.

Dew has been a member of the Reed City Sportsman Club for three years.

“I mainly shoot trap although I do shoot a little skeet,” he said. “But it’s mainly trap.”

He’s been a high overall winner in club winter league shoots in the past.

“I’ve gone around to different state shoots,” he said. “I’ve never won a state shoot. It’s always nice to get a little money out of them.”

Kathy Yost, another club member and also a Reed City school board member, asked Dew to join.

“I think she knew I was a duck hunter,” Dew said, “and enjoyed all of this. She asked me, I came out and absolutely loved it. I jumped in with both feet.”

Dew, a special education teacher, has taught at Reed City for 16 years,

“I do some fishing but my biggest love is duck hunting,” Dew said. “I’ve duck hunted with the same group since 1981. We’ve been in this area and occasionally will get over to Saginaw Bay. I duck hunt every year.”

Last season was not one of the best for duck hunters, Dew recalled.

“There was a lot of talk nationally of it being good. For Michigan, the duck numbers were down,” he said.

Dew likes the social aspect of duck hunting.

“You can sit and you’re able to talk to members of the blind and the ducks come shoot,” he said. “It’s nice when someone has a dog. It makes retrieving quite nice.”

Dew occasionally deer hunts.

”It’s not something I have to do,” he said. “My fall is usually dominated by duck hunting. The duck hunting around here can be pretty good in late November.”

There are more deer hunters in the area than some may realize, Dew said. “You go out to the Martiny chain of lakes and there’s a lot of hunters out there. It’s nice to be involved in Ducks Unlimited because you get to see others involved in duck hunting.”

When time permits, Dew likes fishing at Rose Lake in Osceola County and Chippewa Lake in Mecosta County and also Houghton Lake.

“Walleye is my favorite,” he said. “Tastes great.”

Dew recalls fishing in Canada north of Minnesota at Lake of the Woods.

“It’s unbelievable up there,” he said. “I’ve seen some pretty large musky come out of there. I’ve never actually fished for musky. But they’re just enormous.”

Down the road, Dew hopes to try turkey hunting.

“I’ve never done that but maybe one of these years,” he said.

He’s been trap shooting four years. “It’s something that it turns out I’m pretty good at,” Dew, a former high school golf coach said, “To me, it’s a lot like golf. It’s a much mental as anything else. If you have everything else out of your mind except the target usually good things happen. It’s been kind of nice, I had back surgery this year. I can’t golf this summer so I shoot as much as I can.”