Reed City catcher working on her skills

REED CITY — It’s been a busy summer for Taylor Cutler.

She’s going to be a sophomore and is focusing on summer work in various sports including softball.

She’s a catcher for the Coyotes and also plays second base. Cutler enjoys the action she sees as catcher.

Cutler has been a catcher for seven years. “My coach asked me (to be a catcher) when I was in third grade,” Cutler said. “Second base, you’re not always involved (as a catcher is).”

Summer ball and Sunday practices will help the Coyotes in upcoming seasons, Cutler noted.

“It helps us get better and focus on the ball,” she said.

Drills like going after foul pops should also prove fruitful, she added.

Cutler is also hoping to improve on her hitting. “I tore a ligament in my thumb and it’s been sore,” she said.

Cutler is also in football and wrestlng. She’s a tight end and defensive tackle in football and figures on playing JV ball.

“We’ve been weightlifting at the school,” she said. “(Sunday), we had tire practice but I’m at softball.”

Cutler hopes to do better in wrestling next season.

She’s hoping to see more action in football this season as a sophomore.

Cutler indicated softball and wrestling might be among her favorite sports.

“I’ve been doing them for the longest amount of time,” she said.