Reed City catcher eager to get started

Isaac Williams will be a key player for Coyote baseball team

Isaac Williams



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REED CITY – Isaac Williams is hopeful of making some key contributions for Reed City’s baseball team this season.

He’s a senior and this marks his fourth varsity season including the COVID year of 2022.

The 2021 campaign ended with a district loss to Evart, which wound up going to the quarterfinals.

“It didn’t end the way we wanted it to,” Williams said. “We played a good Evart team at the end. We were up halfway through the game but kind of fell apart at the end. We would have loved to have won that game. But that’s why we have this year.”

Williams will be catcher this season.

“We lost Payton from last year,” Williams said. “Somebody has to take over as catcher. I’ve played a lot of it before.”

As a catcher, “I have an OK arm,” Williams said, adding the determination of which pitch to call “will be between me and the pitcher. I’m closer to the action. So I get a feel on what to throw.”

Williams was happy with his hitting last season.

“There’s some stuff to work on but overall I think I was happy with it,” he said. “The Fremont game we won, it was the final inning and we were down. I was leadoff bater and I was able to get on base and score the tying run.”

Williams said stealing bases is a strength and he likes to get on as much as possible.

“The key is having a good reaction time to being able to read what the pitcher is doing,” Williams said, adding he trusts his speed to get to the next base safely.

He played football and basketball in the past but now focuses strictly on baseball.

“I’ve been playing baseball my whole life,” he said. “It’s the most fun for me, being able to hang around the guys and stuff like that.”

Reed City is scheduled to be at home with Gaylord St. Mary on Saturday.

“We’re a well-rounded team,” Williams said. “We have a lot of good pitchers and some really great bats. We have nine positions and have 12 people we can fill in there.”