Reed City boys basketball pulls away from Chippewa Hills in win

REMUS — It was a defensive minded conference match-up on Friday night..

Reed City improved its conference record with a 52-38 win over the Chippewa Hills Warriors

Reed City improved to 5-3 on the season and 2-0 in conference play, while Chippewa Hills falls to 3-2 and 1-1.

"Give credit to Chip Hills, they played tough, they played well and they worked really hard so I give them a lot of credit," Coach Brennan Walsh said. "This game was a lot different than the last game for us. We've been getting used to pounding the ball inside and finding mismatches. We knew I guess these guys weren't going to have mismatches so that we had to play a different kind of style, and we didn't really do a good job of executing."

It was a low scoring affair to begin the evening, as both teams struggled on the offensive side of the ball, with Reed City leading only 9-4 after the first quarter. Reed City was the first to find consistent success, pulling away to a 25-13 lead at halftime.

"It wasn't as much about making adjustments at halftime as it was trying to do what we were supposed to do from the beginning," Walsh said. "We wanted to run and speed the game up. We just didn't really know do very well on the first half. The second half we did a little better job of that still not like we wanted to."

The leading scorer for Reed City as Ty Kailing with 18 points on the night. Aiden Storz scored 15 points and Teddy Szymanski finished with six.

"So Tyler Jones is a pretty good shot blocker," Kailing said, talking about the tough inside defense of the Warriors. "So getting around him is is pretty difficult but the big guys should be ready to catch the ball when Jones in right there."

For Chippewa Hills, Gage Saathoff led the way with nine points. Tyler Jones, Marcus Barnes and Jordan Hansen all finished with six points each. The Warriors struggled from the 3-point line, only hitting one 3-pointer on the night.

"Offensively, we were pretty rusty. We didn't play any games over break while Reed City played three games. It definitely showed," Coach Mark PeLong said. "They did a good job of taking away our dribble-drive penetration out front. They were physical with us out front."

Reed City will take on Lakeview at home next Friday at 7:30 p.m. Chippewa Hills will head to Big Rapids next Friday at 7:30 p.m.