BIG RAPIDS — Several schools took part in a two-day summer basketball camp at Ferris State University as teams got their first look at next season’s teams.

Reed City’s basketball teams hit the court on Friday in a 32-team summer basketball shootaround. The event was conducted by the Ferris State men’s basketball team as Bulldog players acted as referees during the scrimmage-style games.

“This event is good for everybody involved,” Ferris State coach Andy Bronkema said. “It’s good for the university, because if one of the hundreds of athletes here end up attending Ferris, then it’s a success in that aspect. It’s also huge as it helps us stay connected with the local coaches and those around the state.

“Then there’s the recruiting aspect of it as we are looking at a few athletes who could become Bulldogs. There’s a few guys on our team who we picked up from camp, so it’s a big thing for us.”

Reed City coach Dean McGuire got his first glimpse of his team during the first day of the camp.

“This is the first time we have played against another team this summer,” McGuire said. “They are rusty, but it’s summer, so you expect that, but the effort was good.”

“We are going to have over 130 teams at the university over the summer, and this is a good first step,” Bronkema said. “You only have so many days as a high school team to compete together in the summer, so if you are not filling in those days, another school is and they are getting better. That’s what makes these kind of events so important. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about getting better.”

Activities continued on Saturday with more scrimmages and a tournament.