Reed City baseball players bidding to improve at the plate

REED CITY — Reed City’s baseball players have several doubleheaders this week and next week and hope to get closer to the .500 mark.

Players like Sean Woodside and Ray Phenix acknowledge that improved hitting will be critical to the Coyotes’ upcoming hopes.

Woodside, a senior, is in his third varsity season. He’s playing outfield and some third base.

“I’ve been in a little bit of a hitting slump. It’s not my best year of hitting,” Woodside acknowledged. ”I hope to be around .300 or little above it. I have to work in the cage harder and take things more serious.”

Woodside does like the way he’s fielding the ball and figures outfield is his best postion with his glove and arm.

Despite his hitting challenges, Woodside hit a home run at Chippewa Hills.

Phenix, a sophomore pitcher in his first varsity, season has made the successful transition from JV to varsity.

“It’s a lot harder because pitchers are obviously a lot faster,” he said. “You can’t make mental errors. You can’t do it on varsity. They’ll take advantage of it.”

Phenix indicated he’s been doing “decent” on pitching.

“I keep my composure, I don’t let certain things affect me that much,” he said. “I’m good with my control. I’m working on a changeup and getting my curveball better.”

If he’s not pitching, Phenix plays third, shortstop or first base. He said short is his favorite position especially with his arm an the ability to go after grounders.

Phenix said the hitters‘ have to keep working in the cage.

“At the beginning of the year, I was struggling,” he said. “My dad helped me a lot.”

Eventually, Phenix’s hitting improved.