Reed City athlete stays active with his fishing

REED CITY — Jon Green has had success in three sports at Reed City with football, wrestling and track.

When he gets a chance, the Reed City High School junior is also rather talented with a fishing pole.

Green, who started track practices last week at Reed City, indicated he did a little bit of ice fishing but noted he’s more of a summer angler.

“It’s been a little colder than usual, a lot of snow,” he said.

Most of Green’s fishing centers around the Osceola County area, at locations such as Big Lake and Todd Lake.

“I like to go bass fishing, sometimes walleye fishing,” he said.

Green, like most bass fishermen, said he enjoyed that species because of the unique fight that bass give an angler.

“I was messing around one day and there were a lot of swimmers around,” Green said. “I was just casting out in some weeds, I didn’t think I’d catch anything, I pulled in a decent size bass. I’m not sure what size it is, I don’t remember.”

Green said he and his brother share a boat. He usually focuses on boat fishing.

With football in the fall, wrestling in the winter and track in the spring, Green has to pick and choose his times when he puts a pole in his hand and starts getting in his boat in some Osceola County fishing spot. The weather has been tough this winter but he’s anxious to see what happens when it gets warmer.

This fishing season “will hopefully be pretty good,” Green said.