REED CITY —  The  Reed City Sportsman Club is a busy place these days. 

Terry Getts, secretary of the club, said a 50-50 shoot was featured on Friday.

“It’s a registered trap shoot with the ATA (American Trapshooters Association),” he said.

The shoot is conducted twice a month on Fridays, from June to September. 

“We shoot trap, 50 singles, 16-yard targets,” Getts said. “We usually have around 20 (shooters). Anybody that’s a registered ATA shooter can shoot.”

It’s a unique event compared to some of the others hosted by the club.

“They’re registered targets and they count toward your number of targets for the year,” Getts said. “You could gain yardage and handicap if you shoot well.”

It’s the first year for the shoot.

“We found that other clubs do it and we weren’t doing it,” Getts said. “We decided we were going to try it. So far so good.”

The club is hoping it will be an annual event.

“We looked at the ATA book to see what other events are going on and we tried to schedule around some of the bigger events,” Getts said. “Sometimes, it doesn’t work out. It’s been working pretty good.”

The club continues to have open shoots on Sunday with skeet and trap. The weather doesn’t necessarily have an impact on the numbers.

“The members here are pretty loyal,” Getts said. “Usually on Sunday you come here and there’s a quite a bunch of us here. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or sticky, they still get out there. We have the winter league.”

There’s also a money shoot on Aug. 29, featuring ATA targets, and around 30 shooters are expected.

“They come from all over,” Getts said.

Getts is a Big Rapids resident and also belongs to the Mecosta County Rod & Gun Club.