Reed City Rocket players perform at Ford Field

Future Coyotes show their stuff in Detroit

REED CITY – Reed City’s Rocket football program had two teams of 3rd/4th graders and fifth and sixth graders play at Ford Field in Detroit on Sunday.

It was a total of 72 football players and 10 coaches. Reed City also got to bring its cheerleaders as well as two coaches and 37 3rd/6th grade cheerleaders.

There also about 600 family, friends and fans on the trip. Rocket players from places across the state perform before or after Lions game.

It was all made possible with the Rocket football president Christi Waldman, and other board members such as Heather Blanchard, Opie and Amber Hutchinson, Hedie Decker Thomas and other members.

Following the Lions game on Sunday, the CUJO team played against Berkley and Hesperia.

“It was a great experience,” parent Bree Lutjens said. “ It reminded me of the time I played on the field when I was a kid playing down at the Silverdome with my best friend Shana Sims. We were the two girls playing down there with the boys.”