Reed City NWTF chapter prepares for banquet



REED CITY -- Among the attendees of the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Big Rapids was Reed City's Evan Traynor of the Crossroads Chapter.

Traynor announced on Jan. 18 his chapter's banquet would be on May 2 at Eagle Village in Hersey.

"This is going to be our eighth banquet," Traynor said. "We usually get to 130 to 140 people. Last year we gave away 32 guns to the JAKES member."

He's anticipating around the same number at this year's chapter banquet.

"We have a good mixture of different kinds of people," Traynor said. "A lot of them focus on improving the habitat. A lot them are turkey hunters. A lot of them are interested in both.""

Traynor is an active turkey hunter.

"I did get a tom last year," he said. "Last year, the people I went out with had good luck. We took three turkeys."