Reed City JV soccer nearly completes unbeaten season

REED CITY - The Reed City JV Girls soccer team had a season any coach would be proud of, especially for their first season.

Aftyn Grothe played soccer with Reed City all through her high school years. She wanted to continue on in college, however realized the workload with classes and a job would be too much.  Upon hearing of the opening to coach the girls JV soccer team, she jumped at the chance to be involved with it again.  “I fell in love with the sport my freshman year. Coach Hall was my first coach and I just knew I would love coaching alongside him. “

The team consisted mostly of sophomores who had played together for the first time last year.  At that time, they had learned where on the field they were strongest and many of the players returned to those same positions this year. A strong combination of fast moving strikers and midfielders along with a skilled defense was the recipe for a winning team. Though in many games the team played with no substitutes or even short players, they played hard and never gave up.  Their determination showed in the high scores against their competition; Clare 8-0, Lakeview 8-0, Crossroads 9-1, Clare 6-1 and Big Rapids 6-0, to name a few.  Coach Grothe contributes the team’s success not only to their strong athleticism and hard work, but also to their strong bond with each other on and off the field. Everyone’s spirits were high as they went to their last game in Ludington, undefeated.  Nine games won, one to go.

The team met their strongest challenge of the year.  Many goal attempts were made, but players just could not get the ball past Ludington’s defense. Only 2 balls made it past Goalie Heather Tacey the whole season. Unfortunately, even her skilled moves could not stop the 4 goals made by Jordan Alberts and Ingrid Peterson that night. A final score of 4-0, changed Reed City’s undefeated status. Regardless, a season of 9-1 is a season the Coyotes can celebrate.

“Losing to Ludington was tough, but we had an amazing season filled with lots of fun so as upsetting as it was, the girls were proud of themselves for their season! I know I was!!!”, Coach Grothe said.