Evart golf couple test their skills at Tustin course

TUSTIN — Marge and Jerry Selbee of Evart have played golf at Tustin Trails Golf Course for three years and have become popular rookies with the Wednesday Couples League. Marge is a celebrity of sorts and for very good reason. Her golfing career has included a pair of holes-in-one. “We used to play at other courses, we just play at this one now,” Jerry said. It’s their first year in the couples league. “We like the course,” he said. “It’s a nice course in very good condition. (The owners) did a wonderful job when they built the course.” They also play in the Sunday couples league, plus recreational golf on Friday, both at the Tustin course. “I like the condition, of the fairways and the condition of the greens, plus the condition of the equipment and the condition of the tee,” Jerry said. “The people are very friendly.” Jerry has played the sport 20 years. They’ve lived in Evart since 1984. “We’re just average golfers,” he smiled. “But she’s had two holes in one.” Both were at Spring Valley Golf Course in Reed City. They were within six weeks of each other. But ironically, Marge can’t remember the year. “The same witnesses, same hole, No. 3,” Jerry smiled. She saw them both go in. “I didn’t think about it much at that time,” she said. “She’s come within two inches of having another hole-in-one and I’ve come within four strokes,” Jerry laughed. For the Selbee’s, golf is a popular hobby. “We like the camaraderie and it’s something she and I can do together,” Jerry said. “We’ve been married for 56 years. We play April through October, as long as we can. If the weather turns bad, we’re done for the winter.”