RC soccer team doomed by opposing offenses

REED CITY — Reed City’s girls soccer team faced two high-powered offenses late last week in sustaining a pair of losses.

On Friday, the Coyotes lost to Mason County Central 5-2.

“We gave up about four goals in the first 15 minutes,” said Reed City coach Bryan Hall. “Then we played pretty good for the rest of the game.

Lindsey Ridderman scored on a penalty kick for Reed City. Katelyn Ghent scored the other goal.

“Obviously, we can’t give them a four-goal lead like that,” Hall said. “We turned our intensity up in the second half and stayed with them. We weren’t ready for that onslaught. We played well for a majority of the match.”

Earlier in the week, the Coyotes lost to Big Rapids 7-0. The visitors led 3-0 at halftime.

“It is hard to say the defense played well when you give up seven goals, but if they didn’t play so well, we would have given up seven goals in the first half,” said Hall.

The varsity plays Manistee at home on Wednesday and goes to Shelby on Friday.

Pioneer prep editor Bob Allen contributed to this report.