Pine River youngsters finish football camp

LEROY —  Summer football came to an end last week as high school teams gear up for the practice season that begins Monday.

Pine River featured a high school camp last week, but also had its annual youth camp.

Ryan Lark, defensive coordinator and junior varsity coach, was among those working with the younger players. There were about 31 players for the junior high and under group.

“Right now, we’re working on the option and how to block correctly,” Lark said on the first day of the camp. “We’re working on line formation, fundamental stance and movement and understanding their fit and their role.”

Most of the participants, Lark pointed out, were Pop Warner players, which is sixth grade and lower.

After working on the option, the coaches focused on the trap “and more advanced stuff like counters,” Lark said, adding it’s basically what the varsity uses.

Temperatures were extremely warm during the camp, but Lark said that didn’t seem to matter. All the players were from the Pine River school district.