Pine River volleyball team starts its summer program

LEROY —  Open gyms remain a popular way for the Pine River volleyball teams to get ready for the fall season that starts in mid-August.

Coach Jana Dennis is having open gyms Monday in June and Tuesday in July at the high school. The kids camp is set for July 8-10. Pine River will have a team camp at the school July 15-16 from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Former player Alexis Stokely was helping out recently. Kaylynn Hastings the JV coach, said about 35 were at last week’s open gym. It’s the second one of the season and more girls attended compared to the first. They range from grades nine through 12.

“The girls run it and do what they want,” Hastings said. “No drills, just games. Serving and hitting if they want to. We need the girls to touch the ball before the season starts. It makes a big difference. You can tell at the beginning of the year who attended and who didn’t.”

The summer sessions will lead into the practice sessions in August, featuring tryouts. Hastings said she could see good leadership from the girls as the veterans were working with the younger girls.

Actual matches will begin in late August for the Bucks.