Pine River sophomore reflects on competitive cheer season


LEROY  — It was her sophomore season at Pine River for competitive cheer but it was a memorable one for Victoria Moored.

Pine River ended its season in mid-February at the Evart districts by taking 10th place.

It was Moored’s first year on cheer.

“I always liked seeing the cheers,” said Moored who decided to come out for the practices and work with the team.

She remembered it took about two to three weeks to feel comfortable working with the team.

“Being in sync for sure, is among the keys for having team success,” Moored said.

Her favorite round was No. 2 with the compulsories skills.

“Being able to do what you’re supposed to and tumble,” was among the aspects she enjoyed about that round.

Round 3 with the stunts and other aspects was a challenge, acknowledged Moored, who was a base.

Moored plans on coming back to the competitive cheer team next season and hopes to work out on the sport from now until softball for Pine River. She’s a catcher and outfielder.

Competitive cheer can be more demanding from the team aspect. But it is enjoyable, especially the team bonding, as far as Moored is concerned.

Pine River cheerleaders are Aubree Andrews, Bethany Brinks, Hunter Fauble, Andrea Gross, Anastacia Gugle, Hunter Fauble, Rachel Forbes, Megan Hammer, Kaylee Hunt, Lily Menzel, Erin Millen, Victoria Moored, Maya Mozden, Allie Peterson, Lauren Stevens and Sara Zimmerman.