Pine River sophomore optimistic with the future

LEROY — Mitchell McDonald likes the way the Pine River baseball team is playing right now. But he realizes things could still get better.

The Bucks won their invitational on Saturday.

But they were disappointed earlier in the week having been swept by Beal City and having split with Big Rapids.

“We should have beaten Beal once, the first game especially,” McDonald said. “We should have beaten Big Rapids. Those were good games, It’s fun being in those positions.”

It’s been fun for McDonald, a sophomore, and the Bucks the past two weeks with steady baseball after a period of poor weather.

“Being out here is awesome compared to being in the gym,” McDonald said.

McDonald has been catcher whenever Devon Ruppert is pitching. He also plays center field.

“I like fielding the ball but I don’t have a specific position,” he said.“Coach usually puts me wherever he needs me. I do OK at both


McDonald hopes to help the Bucks offensively.

“We hit the ball well (Saturday) but not against Beal. I think we’re hitting the ball good,” he said.

“We’re only nine games into it.”

The team’s pitching is solid with Lincoln Erickson, Ruppert, Skyler Nelson and others, McDonald indicated.

“We need to get better with the bats,” he said.