Pine River sophomore having another productive season

LEROY — Mason Powell has had a solid varsity season in sports at Pine River and is helping the baseball team, which had won its first 17 games, before falling to Beal City last week.

Powell made an impact with the varsity as a freshman and has been doing so as a sophomore.

“It went pretty good, Powell recalled of his freshman season. “We lost a little earlier than I was hoping to in the tournament (regionals). We won a district and it was an overall fun year.”

Powell has been preparing to do some pitching.

“We’re losing a lot of our pitchers this year since they’re seniors,” he said, adding that he is also a “second baseman and outfielder, depending on where coach wants to put me.”

Defensively, “I have a pretty good glove and good arm,” Powell said. “I don’t make errors too often.”

Powell said he throws “fairly hard” as a pitcher but hasn’t seen too much action so far.

“I’m working on my mechanics and getting a couple of offspeed pitches down,” he said.

His hitting is “all right, not quite where I want it to be,” Powell said. “I’m picking up on the offspeed pitches. It takes a little bit of time. I’m batting right around .300 right now. To get above that would be awesome.”

To accomplish that “I need to keep my hands in, getting the bat all the way through and keeping my eye on the ball,” Powell said.

The Bucks “can keep  winning,” Powell said. “We have phenomenal pitchers and our fielding is solid.”

Greg Park continues to pitch extremely well for the Bucks and had one game in tournament action with 16 strikeouts. His personal record is 18 strikeouts from his sophomore season.

“After I get one, I try to use the same mentality for the next one. If they keep coming, I don’t change anything,” Park said, adding that his fastball and off-speed pitches have equally been effective. “If they can’t touch it, I throw the fastball.”