LEROY — Christie Nelson is coming off an all-state softball season and, along with other players like Jandney Mattson, is hoping to help the Pine River softball team enjoy a banner season this spring.

Both players are seniors and four-year varsity players.

The Bucks will be home Thursday against Reed City.

Nelson had a special season at second base last spring.

“I think our team connected well, we played a lot of ball together,” she said. “I had a better year than I thought I was going to. I was really happy, fielding especially. This year, I’m going to have a better hitting season. I’ve been working a lot of that in the offseason.”

She batted .425 last season but wants to improve that number.

Nelson has played second base 2 1/2 years.

“I like playing there, I just feel comfortable there,” she said.

Mattson is looking to be at third base this season. She’s been catcher in the past. It’s her fourth varsity season.

The Bucks won the conference last season but not winning the district was a


“I think our fielding is going to be really strong again this year,” Nelson said. “We’ll have to work a lot on our hitting. We have seven seniors this year.”

During the winter, Mattson said she worked on her hitting and wants to have her best season at the plate this year.

“I can’t overswing,” she said. “I just have to make contact.”

At third base, Mattson will have a good glove and would like to improve the accuracy on her throwing.

The team has seven seniors.

“I think we’ll be pretty good,” she said, adding that with the weather, “we’re antsy to get outside. We’re getting sick of being stuck


“We’re trying to make the best of it,” Nelson said. ”We should be a lot better this year.”