Pine River softball coach resigns

LEROY — Laura Mumby posted many memories as Pine River softball coach in 12 seasons.

That’s why it won’t be easy for Mumby to not be coaching next season.

Mumby cited family time as a key reason behind deciding to leave her coaching duties.

The Bucks were 251-168 in her 12 seasons. Prior to that, she was Willy Holmes’ assistant for two years.

Key highlights for Mumby as a coach include two regional titles and quarterfinal appearances in 2009 and 2010.

“In 2009, we had two 18-inning games, one with Beal City, and our quarterfinal game with Gladstone, and I was pregnant for my daughter, Kylee,” Mumby said. “That was a season to remember. There’s been lots of relationships with kids and parents that are lifelong relationships that have been built.”

Mumby will continue to teach at Pine River in chemistry, physical science and biology.

“My own daughters love softball like I do, and I ultimately feel like a bad mom missing their games to coach other people’s kids,” Mumby said. “I am 36 years old, and it still means the world to me to see my parents in the stands. I want to support my kids every single minute of their endeavors, especially in the sport I have a passion for.

“My son, Ryker, turned 4 on May 3, and I have never been home before bedtime on his birthday. My husband Brian was in his first year as an administrator and athletic director this past year, and our spring schedule was bananas for a family with three young kids.

“That just is not fair to our own kids at this time, but I will definitely be on the ball field and in the gym with my girls and their friends throughout the winter and next spring,” she said.

Mumby said she’ll miss interacting with the players.

“To be honest, practice and games have always been a couple hours to have stress free personal time with dirt under my feet, where I get to enjoy something I love, and I don’t have to worry about the every day things a wife, mom and teacher have to worry about,” she said.

“I’m sure I will find something else to do to fill that time though. Sadler and Ky (her daughters) will like having time to pitch with mom after school instead of before, that is for sure. We have horses that the kids love to ride and we will get a chance to do that more often too,” Mumby added.

Mumby likes future prospects for Pine River softball

“Pine River softball had a strong foundation of pride far before I started coaching and that will continue for a long time,” Mumby said.

“The core group of girls returning from the past season are driven and will work hard to have a strong season next year, I am sure of it. We have a few newcomers with some amazing potential to lead Pine River softball to accomplish some big goals in the near future as well.

“I’m blessed that I will still be able to be part of high school softball by continuing to be the secretary of our Michigan High School Softball Coach’s Association, as well as being the district and region rep for our area.”