LEROY — Kyla Johnson completed her spring season for softball and is now focusing on volleyball.

It’s going to be a busy summer.

“I’ll be in a lot of open gyms (for volleyball) and LAT League for softball,” Johnson, a senior, said.

Pine River had a 15-20 softball record and lost 5-3 to Manton in the district final, preceded by a 5-3 win in the semifinal over Manistee.

“I thought we did well,” Johnson said. “Definitely our best game was our last game of the season.”

Johnson played left field.

“I thought I did well,” she said. “I struggled with hitting at first, but I picked it up at the end. A lot of it is form for me. I started playing last year. It’s different.”

During the summer, Johnson is working at shortstop for Pine River.

“It’s my first time so I’m learning how to stand on the bag and getting used to infield as opposed to outfield,” she said.

Johnson is a middle hitter in volleyball.

“I’m working on hitting corners and around the blocks,” she said.

The Bucks graduated a setter and middle hitter from last season. For the rest of the players, summer is very important, Johnson said.

“For us to go right to the season without having done anything in the summer like open gyms and camps, it would be difficult to get back into gear,” she said. “Serving and hitting are affected a lot.”