LEROY -- It's not going to be the same at Pine River this spring.

There's no spring sports because of the coronavirus attack, and this means no baseball, which is rich in tradition at Pine River.

It's a disappointment for so many athletes including Bucks senior Kristopher Green. He was set for his second year on varsity.

"Last year went pretty good," Green said. "We had a lot of wins. I did really good pitching, I think. We had a solid team over the whole year and we definitely learned a lot. We did really good."

Along with pitching, Green played second and first base. He enjoyed some action as a junior.

"I had a three-pitch, three outs inning," he said, adding his strengths, "I believe are my curveball and throwing under pressure, and being able to throw strikes."

He was working on his fielding and on being a team player.

Green said he did "OK" hitting the ball last year and was hoping to hit .300 or above this spring.

"You have to focus on hitting and listening to the coaches," Green said.

Green was in the Bucks gym on March 13 which was the last practice for teams as mandated by the MHSAA with a three-month suspension. On Friday, the MHSAA canceled the rest of the season.

But prior to the final news, Green was looking forward to the season.

"I was really disappointed," Green said in mid-March after the initial three-week suspension was announced. "I really wanted to play baseball. I was looking forward to the senior year and wanted to see where we'd go."