COMSTOCK PARK — Many area athletes competed in Division 3 track and field action Saturday at Comstock Park with a Pine River athlete taking second place.

Devyn Powell of Pine River was second in the 400 in 57.2 seconds after taking first last year.

“I’m actually very happy. I set our school record and personal record for myself last year at 57.4‚” she said. “This year, I’ve been at 58.5. I haven’t hit 57s at all. Today I ran my personal best at 57.2. I can’t complain. The girl that beat me ran a beautiful race (in 56.9).”

Powell said it’s been a challenging year.

“But in a different way,” she said. “We had terrible weather and less meets and less practice to run a full-out race. Having to run inside takes a toll on you too.”

Mariah Homes took sixth in the pole vault for Pine River at 9-9.

“I still have one more year. I hope next year I can get in the 56s‚” Powell said.

No one scored for the Pine River boys.

While Sami Michell scored 40 points in Reed City’s drive to the girls state runner-up trophy, the Coyotes were unable to get in the top eight for a place finishing.

“Both our relay teams did well,” said Reed City coach Brent Michell, referring also ti the 800 relay with Eric and Michael Bradford, Eric Voelker and Andre Jones.

“Andre wasn’t supposed to beat anybody and ran his fastest time of the year.

“I’m happy with all our kids. Jon Green in the 4 by 1 had a great first leg with good hand-offs.”

Chad Zagacki ran the 3,200-meter relay for the Coyotes but didn’t place.

“He just got pushed to the outside and didn’t have experience to get himself good position,” Michell said. “He had a great career and I’m proud of him.”