Pine River quarterback bids to overcome injury, return to basketball season

Skyler Nelson
Skyler Nelson

LEROY -- Skyler Nelson sustained an injury that ended his football season in September.

Now he’s trying to fully recover from his broken left collarbone in order to play for the Pine River football team.

Nelson, a junior, will be on the varsity hoops team for his second full season although he also played some as a freshman.

He broke the collarbone against Evart after the junior Pine River quarterback was sacked.

“I went to the hospital right after the game and they sent me home for three days, then I got surgery,” Nelson said. “I was on the couch for a week and a half. I couldn’t do much of anything. From there, I’ve been slowing building up.”

Nelson had thrown a long touchdown pass against Evart just prior to his injury.

“I saw the guy come through the line,” Nelson said. “I just got rid of the ball when he hit me and he drove my shoulder into the ground. I knew it was broken right away. I threw my helmet off and walked off the field.”

It’s the first injury he’s sustained that has forced him to miss games.

“It was very disappointing, he said. “The pain was one thing but it hurts not being to play with my teammates.”

Nelson expects to be as good as new once his collarbone fully heals.

“As soon as my body is ready I’ll be ready to go,” he said.

His collarbone was broken in three different pieces. Nelson said the repair of his collarbone included inserting a plate and eight screws into the affected area.

“I’m conditioning a little bit but I have to take it easy, but they told me I could come back in full contact by the first of the year,” Nelson said. “I might be able to make it back before then, but I’m not sure.”

Nelson said he needs to avoid full contact before Jan. 1. He figures he’ll miss four scheduled basketball games.