Pine River prospers with efforts of two Brandons

LEROY  —  Brandon Hoaglund and Brandon Fulks have completed unique seasons for Pine River’s football team.

The Bucks ended their season at 3-6 last week.

Hoaglund was one of only three seniors on the team and among the positions he played was wide receiver.

Prior to the season-ending loss to McBain, the Bucks had two straight wins over Manton and Marion.

“We’ve played well as a team,” Hoagland said. “We’re working hard in practice.”

Fulks, a running back, indicated that his team’s second-week victory over Benzie Central may rank as the top performance so far this season.

Fulks had a strong rushing performance against Marion, especially after Mitchell McDonald went out with an injury.

The key against McBain, Fulks said last week, would be stopping the run. The Ramblers were able to pull out the victory.

As he looks back at the season, coach Terry Martin of Pine River appreciates the efforts the two Brandons provided.

“Brandon Hoaglund is a first-year senior and came out this year and ended up being a (key) behind our success,” Martin said. “He played most of every game at receiver. He ended up being one of our leading receivers and was a part of our secondary as a first-year kid. That was obviously a big part of this year.

“Brandon Fulks came in after playing on the varsity a little bit as a sophomore. He has a lot of speed. He battled injuries early in the season. It took awhile to get him healthy. Once we did, he’s been our leading scorer. He had 13 touchdowns between his rushing and passing stats.”