LEROY – Three teams put an end to their summer 7-on-7 seasons with tournament action Saturday at Pine River.

Crossroads, Pine River and Baldwin saw action in the seven-team tournament.

Practices start on Aug. 8.

Pine River beat Manton and Crossroads and lost to Alpena in the morning. In the afternoon, they defeated Baldwin and lost to Alpena and Lake City.

“We competed, they were all close games,” Bucks coach Chad Phillips said. “The three games were lost we were right there. We were one of the top two teams in our pool in the morning.”

Phillips was happy with what his team achieved on Saturday.

“We did a lot of positive things,” Phillips said. “We saw a lot of improvement. We also identified areas we need to work on. We have to work on trying not to repeat our mistakes. We probably played a little better offensively than we did defensively today. All the rules are set up for the offense. Our breakdowns were more on defense.”

It was a fun event of sorts, but one that the players and coaching staff took real seriously.

“We’ve done three other ones in Cadillac and those were relaxing,” Phillips said. “This one you’re keeping score and there’s a winner or loser. Guys were having fun but it was more competitive.”

Passing is a key part of the Buck offense, Phillips said, making the event that more critical.

“What we do next week is test them out and have physical fitness kind of stuff,” Phillips said. “You can’t do anything with footballs. You can do some lifting.”

The daily schedule will be 7:25 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. beginning Aug. 28.