Pine River lineman ready for another huge season


LEROY — Tyler McCurry expects to play a key role in the Pine River football attack this season,

It’s the senior season for the 6-foot, 220-pound offensive and defensive end. The Bucks were 3-6 last season under first-year coach Terry Martin.

“I feel we could have done a lot better,” McCurry said. “It was the first year with our (option) offense and a new coach. We worked out the kinks last year.”

That means the goals are a little loftier this season.

“Linemen have to do their thing,” McCurry said. “Everyone has to do their job to make the team work. You have to give 100 percent all the time.”

McCurry noted that he and his teammates have been able to adjust to the new systems easier this season.

“I look for the ball,” McCurry said. “I’m aggressive when I’m in the trenches. When I get mad, I take it out on whoever is in front of me. I have a nose for the ball and I’m strong.”

The option offense will be “quick, fast, scoring touchdowns, strong and shutting down people,” McCurry said, while noting the depth his team will have. “We have two full lines this year for the first time.”

The defense will be “huge” and tough to run against, McCurry, an all-conference lineman said. “We have two massive D tackles and another great defensive end.”

He’s confident of not just making the playoffs but of much more.

“I think we’ll win a playoff game this year,” McCurry said. “The willingness everyone has... everyone has the ‘let’s do this attitude.”

The key in beating Kalkaska in the opening week of the season will be “not making mental mistakes. Everyone has to do their job,” McCurry said prior to the game, which turned into a 39-6 Bucks’ victory. “Everyone has to do their responsibility.”

Pine River is at Benzie Central Friday night.