Pine River junior makes key contributions as setter

LEROY — Kourtney Brock is now focusing on a busy spring softball season.

But the fall season was an interesting one.

Brock, who is one of two main setters during the fall for the Bucks, has a chance to make a steady transition from one sport to the other during the winter.

The volleyball season ended with a loss to McBain in the district finals and now.

“We haven’t done our best, we could do better,” Brock said, late in the season adding that the key to success is having good hits, good sets and passes. “Our passing has gotten a lot better.”

Brock, a junior, was in her first varsity season. She filled in for Logan Powell when the Bucks freshman had an injury late in the season. Her strength was “being able to push the ball pretty far,” Brock said, adding that her serving “has been decent.”

The key behind effective serving is a “good toss” and behind a good setter is “a good pass.”

Brock will now have a chance to work on her pitching during the winter months. She and Dana Hill share the softball pitching duties during the spring. She also has a year left to work with Powell for the volleyball team during the 2016 fall season.