Pine River junior enjoying first season of soccer

LEROY — Lucas Harris decided to come out for soccer in his junior season at Pine River and is finding himself to be playing a key role in the team’s attack.

Harris has played various positions for the Bucks, including goalie. It’s his first year ever of soccer.

“I wanted to play something in the fall and get in shape,” said Harris, who was on three varsity basketball and baseball teams as a sophomore. “In middle school, I played football.”

But he didn’t have a fall sport until now.

His positions have included defense, forward and midfield. Getting to learn the sport has been challenging.

“It’s my first time and it’s all different to me, using my feet instead of my hands,” Harris said. “I’m still learning a lot but getting use to some aspects of it.”

But since soccer involves plenty of running, it’s keeping Harris in good shape. He’s working to improve on passing and shooting and also on goalkeeping.