Pine River hurdler closes off strong season

LEROY — Dustin Ecker finished a strong season as a hurdler for Pine River on Saturday at the state meet.

Ecker didn’t place in either 110 highs or 300 lows but still had a solid season.

“I feel I could have done way better,”he said of his performances in the state meet at Comstock Park. “The (highs) are about what I usually do. I feel I could have done better in those.”

Ecker was the Highland Conference champion in both hurdle events. He clocked the 11o highs in 15.98 seconds and the 300 lows in 40.98 seconds at the league meet.

This was Ecker’s senior season.

“The season had its ups and downs.” he said. “Some races I do good and have been dropping times. Like anyone else I have my off days. The last few races, I’ve been constantly dropping times.”

He’s run hurdles for six seasons and four seasons for PR high school.

“This is my best year in the 300s,” he said. “I’m running for Oakland University. That’s been a goal for me to run for a college. I contacted their coach and told him how my junior year went. I went for a visit and know I’m running there.”

Halfway through his spring season, Ecker agreed to go to Oakland. He’s a walk on and will do hurdles.

”I’m excited to be running for them.”Ecker said.

He ran some relays too for Pine River but the hurdles were his main event. He ran in middle school.

“It’s something my coach had me try in seventh grade,” Ecker said. “I pretty much taught myself.”