Pine River freshmen getting job done for the team

LEROY — Pine River’s Logan Powell continues to make a successful transition to the varsity sports scene from the middle school level.

In the fall, Powell was a freshman for the volleyball program. This winter, she’s been getting the job done as a freshman on the girls varsity basketball team.

A key victory came recently when the Bucks dealt Lake City its first loss of the season.

“We went out really strong,” Powell said. “Usually we’ve gotten off really slow. We were confident, but we wanted to come out and win and that’s what we did. We had to be confident because usually we’re nervous. We’re a pretty young team.”

Lake City struggled offensively against the Bucks.

“We knew the key players who drove to the hole and were the key shooters,” Powell said. “That really helped. We kind of pinpointed it and went from there.”

Powell has been happy with her season.

“I kind of get nervous every game, but it will come with experience,” Powell said. “I’m a backup point guard and a wing. I can shoot pretty well. My defense is strong.”

She’s seen action as a starter.

“I try to stay in front of (her opponent) and not let them get by me,” Powell said.

Playing as a freshman on the varsity level for volleyball also helped her with the challenge for basketball.

“I knew the girls a lot better,” she said. “They boosted my confidence up and made me feel more comfortable in the game.”

Pine River is 9-3 overall and 6-1 in the Highland Conference for a first-place tie

“It was kind of rough in the beginning, but we’re working and getting better,” Powell said, adding key in every game is “positive attitude and just sticking together.”