Pine River football starting to heat up it summer mark

LEROY — When you coach two sports, your summers tend to be even busier.

Terry Martin has discovered that at Pine River.

Martin is head varsity football coach and assistant wrestling coach. Both sports had training sessions last week at the school.

“We go from wrestling (in the school’s cafeteria) straight to football,” Martin said. “We start our warmup probably down on the track since it’s nice out and we’ll head out to the weight room.”

Martin has been focusing his workouts mainly in the weight room.

“We’ve had one day in camp with Ferris that we did in June,” Martin said. “We had a pass league at Cadillac last week.”

The Ferris outing was a satellite camp in Clare, Martin said.

“Our big one is this week,”  Martin said. “We left Sunday night to go to a three-day camp in Montrose, which will be with the Ferris staff. It’s mostly offensive. But it’s a full three days there.

“We did our little kids youth camp last week. 

The twice-a-week sessions with wrestling and football have been taking place during the summer.

The turnouts “so far have been pretty good,” Martin said. “Football wise in June, we just kind of had open weights because there was a lot of wrestling and baseball going on. So we didn’t do a lot of football in June. This last week, we’ve kind of kicked off our football stuff.”