LEROY — Pine River’s summer baseball season came to a close with losses to Grant and Evart in a tournament last Wednesday.

Pine River opened with a 10-4 loss to Grant.

Grant Ruppert, Matt Goodenow and Matt Stone handled the pitching duties for Pine River. Andrew Park had two hit while Mack Peterson and Raden Holmes added one apiece.

“The first game it was 2-1 going into the fourth inning,” Pine River coach Brent Ruppert said. “We made a couple of plays and they hit the ball, too. We stuck with them well until the fourth inning.”

Holmes started the second game in a 3-2 loss to Evart, while Park also pitched.

Goodenow and Tristan Holmes had hits for Pine River.

“In the Evart game, we hit the ball really hard, we just hit it right at them,” Grant said. “They capitalized on a few plays. They put them where they weren’t. That’s good baseball. We hit the ball hard but couldn’t find any holes.”

There aren’t any other scheduled games this summer, Ruppert noted. Many of his players also are in football and basketball. He added that high school coach Shawn Ruppert is considering having more Sunday baseball games next summer to avoid a conflict with the other sports.

“If you utilize those two fields at Evart, you can maybe get two doubleheaders in and maybe four games in on a Sunday,” Grant said. “That way you can do some Sundays in June and July and play eight to 10 games.

“The kids are busy,” he said