Pine River cross country runners bid to boost team’s fortunes

LEROY -- Zee Moored and Trevor Holmes are seniors hoping to make a big different for Pine River’s cross country team this season.

Holmes is in his fourth varsity season. Last fall, he had a 16:30 at regionals and ran at the state meet.

He ran 340 miles during the summer.

Holmes is hoping for high 15’s to low 16’s this year.

The key will be “training harder and getting stronger every day,” he said.

Holmes indicated his sprinting abilities are strong and he also has a good kick.

“I try to work on everything,” he said. “I hope to work on my second mile. My second mile has been slow lately. That’s what kills me.

“We’ll be strong and will have a very good team this year,” Holmes said. ”It’s hard to believe it how good we’ve gotten in one year. We have a lot of good guys too. We have a very good team.”

The team has the potential to qualify for state, Holmes indicated.

Evart and Beal City will be some tough conference opponents.

“If we can keep working hard, we should beat Beal City,” he said.

It’s Moored’s second cross country season. She calls last year “rough” as her best time was 25 minutes. But she’s looking to lower that by five minutes this season.

She put in 340 miles during the offseason and can see herself being much improved. Moored could be as high as the Bucks’ third runner this season.

“My third mile is usually my best,” said Moored, who took 88th at the Chippewa Hills Invitational in late August.

Moored is coming off a hamstring injury from track season. She runs sprints and relays.

“I feel our team could go to state as a team,” Moored said. “We all have the drive to it.”