Pine River catcher enjoying solid season

Austin Dean



EROY – Austin Dean is a pitcher and catcher for Pine River’s baseball team, who has been getting the job done in a major way for the Bucks this spring.

There was no varsity season last year, but Dean figures if there was, he would have been on the varsity team.

This season, “we’ve been having a lot of fun,” Dean said. “We’ve been struggling a few games but started the season off pretty good. We have a great group of guys and it’s been a lot fun. We started off inside during the spring a little bit last year.”

But then the season was canceled because of COVID and Dean and his friends weren’t able to get in too much baseball time.

It’s been a fun spring right now, however.

At catcher, Dean has felt comfortable in his ability to call pitches.

As for his arm, in terms of throwing runners out, “it’s all right,” Dean said. “I can get it down there pretty good.”

Dean has been able to show his defensive skills in blocking wild pitches and keeping them in front of him.

“That was one my weaknesses coming into the season,” he said.

He’s been a catcher for many years. As for hitting, “I’m not doing that bad,” Dean said. “I’ve been hitting the ball a few times.”

His goal is to be a .300 hitter.

“You have to be able to see the ball out of the pitcher’s hand,” he said.

Dean and the Bucks are hoping for a long postseason run.

“We have to go out and play baseball and do what we can do,” Dean said.

He also plays varsity football and basketball.

“I love basketball but my best sport is probably baseball,” Dean said.

He was quarterback for the football team. During the summer, he’ll be in a of summer football and basketball camps.