Pine River athletic director retires

Shawn Ruppert has been long-time coach for Bucks

Shawn Ruppert has been with Pine River for 34 years as a teacher, coach and administrator.

Shawn Ruppert has been with Pine River for 34 years as a teacher, coach and administrator.

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LEROY – Shawn Ruppert has called it a career as Pine River athletic director.

The long-time Pine River coach was the AD and Dean of Students before retiring at the end of the school year. He was with district 32 years as a full-time employee. He also served previously as a substitute teacher and coach for a total of 34 years.

“ Bob Raven and I coached an eighth-grade boys basketball team while we were going to Central Michigan,” Ruppert said, referring to the current Morley Stanwood girls basketball coach and a Pine River native. “That was awhile ago.

“I didn’t have a set number of years where I decided I wanted to work. I felt It was time to do something else. I was thankful for all the years there. I don’t want my job to be what defines me. Sometimes when you’re at a place that long, I never figured on working there for 50 years. Sometimes you have to get out.”

Ruppert was a 1985 Pine River graduate. When he took the AD’s job a few years ago, he gave up the girls basketball coaching position but continues to coach baseball. He will need to reapply for the baseball coaching spot.

“When you retire, you have to cut all ties,” Ruppert said. “I plan to reapply. That’s my plan.”

Ruppert has coached the varsity baseball team 32 years. He wouldn’t commit to whether or not he may be interested in other coaching positions.

“Right now, I don’t want to tie myself down to where I have to be somewhere,” he said. “We own a cabin in the Upper Peninsula. We’d like the freedom to say there a couple of days or more. I’m young enough to work a part-time job. I always have done construction. I like doing that my brother runs a construction company. I’ll work for him some. My wife and I like to travel and drive.”

He has six grandchildren and one on the way and hopes to spent more time with them.