Phenix set to spark Coyotes on the mound, at the plate


REED CITY — Reed City’s Ray Phenix is optimistic over prospects on the mound in his junior campaign.

Phenix is in his second varsity season with the Coyotes.

As a varsity rookie, “my first couple of games, I didn’t do so well,” Phenix recalled. “Me and my dad stayed after practice one day for a good two hours and practiced hitting, and throwing and all of that. After that, I hit the ball really good, I threw good.”

Phenix recalls changing his entire swing to a simple “hands through the ball.”

His average was in the 300s. 

“I was extremely happy with the second half of the season,” Phenix said.

He was able to devote additional time during the offseason to the sport.

“Me and my dad threw almost every day we could,” Phenix said. “I hurt my shoulder during football so I rehabbed from that. Once I got cleared to throw, me and my dad came to the upper gym (at the high school) two or three hours every day and threw.”

On the mound, his strength will be “hopefully throwing strikes, good location and throwing hard,” Phenix said.

At the plate, Phenix is looking to hit in the 300s.

The Coyotes finally started their season last week after weather kept them inside prior to spring break. Not being outdoors much may have affected his team somewhat.

“We can’t do a lot of things we want to do outside,” he said. “We have to stay in a small space and work on the little things. We can’t work on the simple mechanics that we need.”

The Coyotes were 0-4 last week but Phenix remains optimistic.

“I feel that this year’s team is pretty strong,” he said. “The key thing is staying focused, staying relaxed and not getting too far over our heads.”