Payton Hansen looking ahead to more baseball

Payton Hanson is coming off a strong season for Reed City.
Payton Hanson is coming off a strong season for Reed City.

REED CITY — Reed City’s baseball team might be losing some key seniors this season, but the Coyote baseball program has several talented underclassmen returning in 2019, including Payton Hansen.

Hansen saw a lot of playing time as a freshman including pitching.

“It’s going pretty good,” he said. “Sometimes I don’t hit as well as I want to. I try to be consistent. You have to keep your balance and keep your eye on the ball at all times.”

Hansen batted around the .200 mark this season. He said he found out around tryouts he would be playing varsity baseball.

“I was surprised,” he said. “At first I was really nervous. I finally relaxed and started hitting the ball.”

As a pitcher, “I had better command (in a game against Cadillac) as I have all season,” Hansen said.

He had a shutout against Evart.

His fastball has been his best pitch. His curveball and slider have also been strengths.

When he’s not pitching, Hansen catches and plays third base.

His throw to first base has been accurate and he’s been able to stop the ball unless there was the occasional bad hop.

Hansen, at catcher, has thrown out two baserunners, which he said is the best feeling in that position.

The Coyotes won a district but weren’t able to cash in on their dream to be regional champs. But Hansen and his teammates have three more years to go after it.