Park, Pine River teammates getting ready for season

LEROY — It’s been a busy and noisy summer in the weight room for Pine River athletes like senior football player Greg Park.

Park and his football teammates have been busy lifting weights while  enjoying the sounds of loud music. During the summer, the room has been open Mondays and Thursdays 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., and at other times. The room has been open since late June.

“I’ve been coming every chance I can,” Park said last week. “This is the second time I’ve been able to lift because I broke my nose and had nose surgery so I had to sit out. I broke it at a basketball scrimmage. I’m good now.”

Park has been impressed with the turnouts the Bucks have had at the sessions.

A senior, Park was at wide receiver last season and outside linebacker. He’s looking to do both positions again this season, which starts with practices on Aug. 11. It’s only a 16-day slot between the first day of practices and the first game, making it all the more important to get work done now, he added.

Park calls the weightlifting sessions “super important. It depends on staying healthy during the season, and not getting hurt, and building up strength. You have to be strong, otherwise you won’t last.

“We’ll definitely have more numbers than last year. Last year we were small. We’ll have a lot more.”

Stronger bodies will also mean stronger teams late in the game, Park added.