Paris youngster shoots 9-point buck

PARIS — It was a deer hunting opener that 8-year-old Heath Cline of Paris will remember for a long time.

Cline and his dad, Mike, were hunting in the Reed City on Nov. 15 when he used one shot to bag a 9-point buck with 12-inch rack span. It’s his first ever buck. They knew the buck was in the area, thanks to trail cameras, Mike said.

“First thing that morning, it was foggy like for everyone else,” Mike said. “We didn’t see anything until a quarter after nine. The fog lifted, then we saw a doe. Five minutes later, (the buck) walked out and (his son) made a decent shot from 150 yards. The deer dropped right away.”

“It was fun,” Heath said, indicating he only saw two deer that morning.

“It was kind of slow,” Mike said. “Our relatives seen a few. But the fog played a hampering factor. You can only see for about 50 yards.”

It was also unseasonably warm with no tracking snow.

Big Buck contest reminder

Entries can be brought to the Pioneer office at 115 N. Michigan on 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays for the Big Buck Contest. They can also be taken to Kelly’s Deer Processing at 19077 E. Mile Road, Big Rapids. The contest goes through the end of the second archery season, which closes on Jan. 1.